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I am actually really liking the "fit it in after work" plan, Tramadol canada, mexico, india. Tramadol schedule, It is working well. And with Wednesday's out with Mike, Tramadol price, Comprar en línea Tramadol, comprar Tramadol baratos, I even have time to hit the steam room before dinner. YAY, Tramadol street price. But WOW is the new plan with the new set of split workouts harder on the bod, Buy Tramadol Without Prescription. Where can i cheapest Tramadol online,  In a good way. When I was doing it in the morning I was at best making it every other day, Tramadol blogs, Fast shipping Tramadol, so I didn't worry too much about which exercises I was doing when, i would just do about 1/2-1/3 of the stuff on my list, Tramadol no prescription. Tramadol gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Knowing that I am going to end up on consecutive days, I have split up the workout into two non-overlapping sets, cheap Tramadol. Is Tramadol addictive, One set is all upper-body - shoulders, arms and back, Tramadol wiki. Buy Tramadol Without Prescription, The other is lower body and core. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Working all of the same set of stuff at the same time is proving to be much harder to maintain at the weights/rep/set I was doing before. If things don't even out, buying Tramadol online over the counter, What is Tramadol, I might drop back the weight a bit until i get used to it, so I can complete a full set of sets, Tramadol description. Tramadol australia, uk, us, usa, If that makes any sense.


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Buy Temovate Cream Without Prescription, So I know I missed at least one exercise report - BUT I have missed a WHOLE LOT more exercise. Between some traveling, Temovate Cream recreational, Temovate Cream natural, family parties, too much social life and a huge pile of work it has been tough to find time to work out at the club OR at home, about Temovate Cream. Buy no prescription Temovate Cream online, But we finally caught a weekend worth of break, and I made it back to the club this morning, cheap Temovate Cream no rx. Temovate Cream steet value,  Happily I found that I didn't lose much progress on the weights, not needing to backtrack at all and even advancing some weight wise, where can i find Temovate Cream online. Order Temovate Cream from United States pharmacy, Still feel like I don't quite have the right break out of exercises yet for circuits, but I am working on it, buy Temovate Cream online cod. Rx free Temovate Cream, I have come to realize that I have to split up the ones I like in with the ones I like less, and then use them as an incentive - hey if you do those push-ups, no prescription Temovate Cream online, Temovate Cream canada, mexico, india, then you get to do your lat pull-downs!. I like doing the lat pull downs - so far they are kind of easy no matter how high I have moved the weight - so they make me feel like I am strong, buy cheap Temovate Cream. Temovate Cream description, ;)

Stability ball crunches - 15 X X X
Transverse ab exercise – 15x X X X
Plank (10 second holds) - x3      
Stability Ball Y-T-A - 15x      
Machine chest press – 30lbs x15 X X X
Reverse Pullups – 15x X X X
Lat. pull down machine - 60 lbs  x15 X X X
Leg press machine - 75lbs, Temovate Cream without prescription, Temovate Cream australia, uk, us, usa, 80lbs x15 X X X
Step ups with bicep curls - 8lb 20x      
Stationary Lunges 10x      
Stability ball tricep extension -  7,8, buy cheap Temovate Cream no rx, Online buying Temovate Cream hcl, 9lbs x15 X X X
Stability ball hamstring bridges - x15      
Stability ball seated with rotator shoulder - 4lb x15 X X X

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Exercise updates … how did I get so behind?

Oy! And I meant to post so often! blahblahblah ... Enough with the kvetching already ... on to the update. So far pretty good with maintaining regularity - in the sense that we are mostly keeping to the schedule of getting to the club 3-4 days per week. I originally started with a ton of classes, yoga, pilates etc. but my schedule got so crazy that I started missing classes and I was getting pouty so hopefully in a few weeks when life slows down again I'll start making it back to the pilates class. I have added swimming in, and WOW that is an awesome workout.  Most all of you probably don't know that in my wee years I swam competitively (not saying I was Olympics bound or anything, but I trained and competed and didn't completely suck.) So getting back in the pool was a bit humbling in how far my stamina had fallen (duh!) but also fairly rewarding in how fast it is improving. Last reported I was kind of liking the treadmill - well, my body disagreed, and until i figure out why i am getting hip pain, the swimming gets me a nice cardio workout with much less hip pain and the bonus of a certain amount of muscley workout as well. Bonus and mini-goal achieved - hurt much less after workouts, less tired after work outs and a check-in on the treadmill Monday showed me that what used to send my heart-rate soaring is now a nice warm up. For those folks who ask - how is your diet going - I would like to reiterate I am NOT ON A DIET and am trying VERY HARD to not gauge progress by a number on the scale. A bit more thinky stuff: I have been doing a lot of reading at, and Noël Figart who both have  some very interesting things going on at their blogs; and I have been doing a bit of thinking on goals, long term hoped for results, what I'd like to see when I look in the mirror and how I'd like my body to function. I also did a bit of "hmmm, and what are my genetics like" thinking. My parents are both VERY fit. They are both differently fit. My Mother is super tiny, she exercises a lot, frequently something that is aerobic/cario and a little fadish, and she is super duper careful about what she eats. My Dad has the bonus of being super tall, and while he used to be a marathon runner he now focuses a lot on weight lifting and while he pays attention to what he eats, it is in a completely different way (and i have to admit seems like it has more yummy).  The thing is, as my parents get older my Mother's tinyness isn't doing her a lot of favors, she is losing strength and having some issues that might have had less impact if she had a little more muscle supporting her. blahblahblah TL;DR Upshot is ... With my parents examples' in mind, armed with some knowledge from the intertubes, and hopefully with the help of the personal trainer I am seeing for the next two weeks, I hope to start weight training next week.

Exercise – Metrics

Plans blahblahblah, Goals blahblahblah Yeah. I have talked about how I am taking a fairly casual approach to my "goals" or what I might consider success. But while casual is good. I do think some metrics to help one evaluate progress wouldn't suck. Clothing size is totally untenable - it is WAY to variable brand to brand, store to store etc. Although - "how do I fit in my clothes" isn't a terrible metric. Weight - actual numerical values have previously mentioned neurotic issues. Pain - ya know if you work hard enough  - you'll feel it. Uhm .. yeah, no... Not that i mind the "good" pain that comes with a good work out. But not really a useful metric. I have chosen to go with something that is deliberately sort of a pain in the butt to do - so I can't make myself neurotic by checking all the time. Measurements. I took a basic set about 2 weeks ago, I did it myself, so the accuracy is probably not great. But this is the list of stats I'll be checking against. If anyone has a suggestion about another place I should be measuring, I'm happy to take suggestions. Neck: 14.5" Tits: 49.5" Back: 37" Hip: 50.25" Thigh: 28.75" Torso at Belly Button: 45.5" Upper Arm: 15.25"