This Weeks’s Linky Things are Linky – Mostly Musical Edition

Here is some stuff I read that I thought was interesting:

Linky things April 22nd through May 4th – Mostly Musical

Here is some stuff I have been reading that I thought folks might like:

Falling off the face of the earth . . . and back into orbit

Which is exactly what I have done for a while. I am not quite sure how much back on earth I am yet - but I thought I would mention that I am at least in orbit these days.

One of the things that has kept me away from posting is a lack of camera. I purchased a brand new one last fall, and after taking a number of great pictures of projects that I hadn't had time to munge and post - I lost the camera. GRRRRR I am currently brainstorming ideas for posting knitting and spinning content without any actual pictures of what I am doing. I do plan on getting back here and posting more often about stuff.

I have about 8000 knitting projects on the needles, many of them seemingly close to being done. I hope by the time I get there I'll have a way to show them off.

At this point I am not sure if anyone is even reading this anymore - But seeing as I don't have any content of my own for today, I thought I would show off someone else's creativity. I don't know if you readers have ever seen what is called a "FanVid", this is an excellent example of one.

Firefly and Serenity: Defying Gravity