Linky things March 23rd through March 27th

Here is some stuff I have been reading that I thought folks might like:

Linky things February 1st through February 8th

Here is some stuff I have been reading that I thought folks might like:

  • February 8th - Thoughts on the Misogyny Bowl in advertising (versus a truly uplifting game) - "The way for a man to regain his balls/spine, suggested the ad, was to get a Flo TV so that he could passively-aggressively watch his game while pointedly ignoring his wife on their outing while technically obeying her overbearing feminine demands he’s powerless to resist openly."
  • February 8th - Polydora - I saw a thing on a blog the other day saying that poly was becoming more main stream - I guess this is just one example.
  • February 4th - The real cost of Coke - Nothing like pointless markup. "They said: “if customers want smaller portions they ought to be willing to pay for them.” Oh."
  • February 3rd - Enough is Enough - a very mature PBTH! to you
  • February 3rd - “Playback.” - I don't watch this show, but I thought the commentary was really relevant for ANY of the reality dance shows, and I thought the dance clip was really good.
  • February 1st - Tank girl …You’re my only hope - This is one of the few "bad" movies that I really enjoy - I'll watch it any time it is on cable. Nice to see I am not the only one who loves it.

I can’t believe I did this . . .

The (male) celebrity sex meme, gacked from [ profile] musefool.

1. Bold the names of guys you'd definitely sex it up with.
2. Italicize the names of guys you might do after a little persuasion.
3. Leave the guys who don't do anything for you alone.
4. Put a question mark ? after the guys you've never heard of.
5. Strike the guys you wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole.
6. Add THREE more guys to the list.

01. Russell Howard ?
02. Criss Angel
03. Robert Pattinson
04. Jeffrey Dean Morgan
05. Hugh Jackman
06. Brad Pitt

07. Jared Padalecki
08. Taylor Lautner ?
09. Jackson Rathbone ?
10. Robert Downey Jr.

11. Jared Leto
12. Adam Gontier ?
13. Christian Kane
14. Michael Welch ?
15. Jensen Ackles
16. Michael Shanks
17. Misha Collins
18. Ryan Reynolds
19. Andrew-Lee Potts ?
20. Lee Pace
21. David Tennant
22. John Krasinski ?
23. Rupert Grint (sorry just WAY too young)
24. Justin Chambers ?
25. Ed Helms ?
26. Patrick Dempsey
27. Johnny Depp
28. Bradley Whitford
29. Paul Rudd

30. Cory Monteith
31. Peter Capaldi ?
32. Idris Elba ?
33. John Simm
34. Zachary Quinto
35. Joshua Jackson ?
36. Matt Bomer
37. Matt Damon

38. Christian Bale
39. Daniel Radcliffe
40. Matthew Bellamy ?
41. Jude Law (I seriously don't get why anyone is attracted to him)
42. Ioan Gruffudd ?
43. Chris Pine
44. Sam Worthington
45. Zachary Levi ?
46. Henry Cavill ?
47. Karl Urban
48. Ian Somerhalder ?
49. Gerard Butler
50. James McAvoy
51. Sir Patrick Stewart
52. Alex O´Loughlin ?
53. Alexander Skarsgard ?
54. Paul Wesley ?
55. Josh Holloway ?
56. Matthew Fox
57. Jamie Bamber ?
58. Aidan Turner ?
59. Bradley Cooper ?
60. Richard Armitage ?
61. Damian Lewis
62. David Boreanaz
63. Sam Trammell ?
64. Aldis Hodge
65. David Cook
66. Mark Harmon
67. Liam Neeson

68. Rufus Sewell
69. Charlie Hunnam

70. Clive Owen
71. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
72. Ben Mansfield ?
73. Steve Carlson ?
74. Jason Momoa
75. Nathan Fillion
76. James Purefoy ?
77. Andy Whitfield ?
78. Adam Lambert
79. Denzel Washington
80. Anderson Cooper
81. Richard Dean Anderson

82. Chris Kirkpatrick ?
83. John Barrowman

84. Shemar Moore ?
85. Adam Beach ?
86. Lou Diamond Philips
87. Tim DeKay

88. Tom Welling
89. Mike Rosenbaum

90. Chad Michael Murray ?
91. Mikey Way ?
92. Hugh Laurie
93. John Cho
94. Mark Salling ?
95. Justin Bartha ?
96. Justin Hartley ?
97. Ryan McPartlin ?
98. Josh Charles ?
99. Kyle Chandler!!! -
100. Alan Tudyk
101. Taylor Kitsch
102. Ben Browder
103. Naveen Andrews

What the !@#$ Netflix?!?!

So I have to admit that one of the things I like best about having a new fancy Tivo is streaming stuff from Netflix. I especially enjoy streaming seasons of televisions shows that I never got to see when they were on the first time.  But now I am finding that Netflix has a trick up its sleeve and I don't see its purpose.  For some of the seasons they are taking single episodes and making them DVD only.  So I can see 90% of the episodes of a show, but if I want to see all of them I have to actually get them to send me the DVD.  I don't see how this benefits Netflix, and I don't see how it benefits the movie/tv companies.

But i can certainly see how it would annoy their customers.

Summer updates

I just realized its been a while since I made any sort of substantive update - so in the words of Inigo Montoya, "Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up"

Some summer highlights:

Tomatoes from the garden are 200% better than tomatoes from the store. I might never eat them from the store again.

Almost everyday, in my head, I thank all my friends who helped me build my garden. So now I'll do it outside my head: Thank you!!! So very much!!!

Took a photography class with Franklin Habit at Loopy Yarns, AWESOME!

Had a house concert for Sooj which many of you came to.

On new (added) meds for my ADD which has resulted in major sleep disturbance. Its hard to concentrate with so little sleep, so its hard to evaluate the meds.

Have dyed my hair funny colors and gotten my ears re-pierced. I think I am worrying about getting old.

Fallen in love with a new (for me) tv show, Friday Night Lights. I haven't liked a show this much since Buffy. Insert days of squeeing here. GGood stories, stong women, great characters, and lots of pretty - boys and girls and scenery, yum yum yum . . . Okay I'll stop now before I get too out of control. ;)

Got Seanan McGuire's new book. Just started reading it - enjoying it muchly.

Knitting is happening, lots of socks. Maybe pictures and possibly even a proto-pattern soon.

Want to make some earings - might need help with this.

My birthday is coming soon, I think I am closer to 40 than I'd like to be.

Scheduling craft and music days again, but not till 2010.

And I think that is probably enough for one post. Have to leave something for the next one!