Exercise updates … how did I get so behind?

Oy! And I meant to post so often! blahblahblah ... Enough with the kvetching already ... on to the update. So far pretty good with maintaining regularity - in the sense that we are mostly keeping to the schedule of getting to the club 3-4 days per week. I originally started with a ton of classes, yoga, pilates etc. but my schedule got so crazy that I started missing classes and I was getting pouty so hopefully in a few weeks when life slows down again I'll start making it back to the pilates class. I have added swimming in, and WOW that is an awesome workout.  Most all of you probably don't know that in my wee years I swam competitively (not saying I was Olympics bound or anything, but I trained and competed and didn't completely suck.) So getting back in the pool was a bit humbling in how far my stamina had fallen (duh!) but also fairly rewarding in how fast it is improving. Last reported I was kind of liking the treadmill - well, my body disagreed, and until i figure out why i am getting hip pain, the swimming gets me a nice cardio workout with much less hip pain and the bonus of a certain amount of muscley workout as well. Bonus and mini-goal achieved - hurt much less after workouts, less tired after work outs and a check-in on the treadmill Monday showed me that what used to send my heart-rate soaring is now a nice warm up. For those folks who ask - how is your diet going - I would like to reiterate I am NOT ON A DIET and am trying VERY HARD to not gauge progress by a number on the scale. A bit more thinky stuff: I have been doing a lot of reading at Stumptuous.com, and Noël Figart who both have  some very interesting things going on at their blogs; and I have been doing a bit of thinking on goals, long term hoped for results, what I'd like to see when I look in the mirror and how I'd like my body to function. I also did a bit of "hmmm, and what are my genetics like" thinking. My parents are both VERY fit. They are both differently fit. My Mother is super tiny, she exercises a lot, frequently something that is aerobic/cario and a little fadish, and she is super duper careful about what she eats. My Dad has the bonus of being super tall, and while he used to be a marathon runner he now focuses a lot on weight lifting and while he pays attention to what he eats, it is in a completely different way (and i have to admit seems like it has more yummy).  The thing is, as my parents get older my Mother's tinyness isn't doing her a lot of favors, she is losing strength and having some issues that might have had less impact if she had a little more muscle supporting her. blahblahblah TL;DR Upshot is ... With my parents examples' in mind, armed with some knowledge from the intertubes, and hopefully with the help of the personal trainer I am seeing for the next two weeks, I hope to start weight training next week.

OMG I have Pop Rocks in my Head

After most of a week of getting shitty sleep I woke up this morning at 1am and couldn't get back to sleep because my Brain had the spinnies ... So I got up and wrote down all my active projects, maybe putting them on paper will help tomorrow night's sleep. For the curious they are below the cut tag.  There are only 50 or so on the list.

Bill quick - ordering this week for discount?
Big Time
CRM Software
USB Duplicator
Project Management Classes
Unity/Archion Upgrade
SBS Alerts
Tuesday update email
Office 2010 email
Windows update email
Mail server/Trend Issues
Help Desk
Order Hard Drives for Production
Hard Drives for Whit
Cyberguys order
Call Dermatologist
Complete phone extension list
Dell Warranty
New phones
MN account
Questions for M5 support
Audit Inventory system
Check out process
Cs5 roll out
Problems with Remote.brella.com
Linux Server
Bug Tracking Software
Active Collab problems
Drive Space
Off-site San
CD Catalog Software
Log Me In Audit setup
Bernie Laptop Setup
Calendar Sharing Document
Scenarist update -
Dan's Flash drive info
Email Report to staff on Bug Tracking and version tracking software
Media Mover
Blue.Brella Backups
Order Blue Rays
Sort and Organzie Data on "z"
Pull Avid file list
Install Folder Match on Patti's Machine
"Roll Out " new pm machine
Backup/Move data from old PM Machine
Create Traffic Folder - Who gets rights
Old Employee Account options
SonicWall update/Reg
Review Niki's computer before sending
MN Listserv
IT - Hire and Exit list

This doesn't include smaller troubleshooting issues, some tasks that I hope to give to my IT staffer and whatever shiny new thing will come up today ... No wonder I feel like there are explosions going off in my head. Long and sort of it is - I am falling off the planet socially because I don't have time and cycles to reach out - soon i will have more staff and hopefully things will improve.

New Year starting off with a ham

Sorry for the really abominable joke . . . but here I am today making Ham and Bean soup (known around our place as ham & bean paste) and I couldn't resist.

The last few months have been a bear, lots and lots of time at work, and the beginning of me needing to stretch my wings in a fairly extreme way.  And there is a lot more coming down the pike.  (and a big thank you owed to ErikO for helping me out)

I dislike falling off the planet which I have done quite a big of. I am planning on re-instituting regular events at the house.  Probably mostly craft days to start  . . . I'll post here as soon as I have confirmed dates - probably look to have them start in February.

Hope everyone had a good new years, ours was pretty quiet - about all I could handle. Evan and I have spent the last few days vegging quietly at home which has been really nice.

Updatey stuff

1st - I haven't mentioned it here yet, but weekend before last Mom took a spill down the stairs while watching the kids at E and D's house. She turned her ankle around in a way human bones weren't meant to go. End result - spiral fracture of both the tibia and fibula. For a while we thought she might avoid surgery, but Monday they decided to put pins and plates in. She had the surgery yesterday evening. So far she is having a lot of trouble managing the pain with out heavy pain meds, and had a restless night at the hospital. My dad is posting regular updates on facebook.

2nd -  I have a new phone number - (847) 693-7951  this number doesn't replace any other number except that it should ring both my home and cell, and any other place I set it to as well.

3rd - As a reminder I read LJ regularly, I post at my blog which cross-posts to LJ and dreamwidth. I try to keep up on twitter, and post occasionally. But I almost never read or update at facebook, so please if you've mostly migrated over to FB, email me if you need me to know something, please don't assume I'll see it if you post it only at FB.

4th - Summer is eating me alive, I can't figure out how it got to be late July already.

5th - I want to see harry potter, go to botanic gardens, clean house, garden, play some games, relax

6th - I am designing a pair of socks that I am very excited about.

7th - "Get dropbox" is a cool app for people using more than one computer. It creates a folder that is automagically synced to its online store of data.  You can move files to it as easy as copying or moving files on your computer, you can use the folder on multiple computers or you can access it through the web if you are on a machine that you don't want to install their little app on.  Even better it works on all of the big three - Windows, Mac and Linux.

Sooj Concert and weekend wrap up

and yeah, I know I am doing a weekend wrap up on Tuesday . . . but seeing as my weekend went from Thursday night to Monday night, it seems valid.

Concert was awesome!! I am not a good media reviewer, I tend to want to just jump up and down and squee.  And this concert was definitely squee-worthy. Soon (and assuming permissions) we'll be able to make some of the video we took available, probably on you tube. I just have to figure out this new fangled video thingie - good thing I work where i do :lol: .

Sooj and K were lovely houseguests. Yesterday was very restful for Evan and I as we laid around and recovered from the weekend.

Post-concert the house is cleaner than it has been for a LONG LONG time. Which we will desperately try to goad ourselves into maintaining. We have reconfigured the house somewhat, what was the "office" aka  "huge pile of crap", is now an nice open space with a couch and lots of windows.  What other furniture that is in that room (a china cabinet and some desk bits) will mostly move out over the next few months. With one less couch in the living room, and more spread out seating, the whole front of the  house feels much more roomy. It made fitting in the 35 people or so we had for the concert fairly easy, and I think it will allow us to host a few kinds of events that in the past were kind of a problem - like game days.