Linky things February 12th through February 16th

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Feb 172010

Here is some stuff I have been reading that I thought folks might like: February 16th – Story Time – Re-tweeting 😉 – this is just so full of awesome . . . February 16th – Seasons of Lace – You all Rock! – I am just sharing this – cause its something that I do and something that was done for me – and mostly happens away from this blog and friends list. February 16th – If you don’t like a catch-22, you shouldn’t go around being female – “then all of a sudden people start acting like going […]

Sharing the NON-Love . ..

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Feb 252005

Because apparently the company I host websites with would like to go out of business ( this is the only logical assumption I can make in light of their behavior). I thought I would do whatever I could to hasten the process. SO I host my website at Cihost they offer accounts for Lots of money and offer lots of “free” stuff that isn’t very useful.  They have decided service is much to much  to give a customer who hosts 6 sites (at $200 a year) with them. They seem to believe that security concerns should be handled the same […]


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Feb 132004

reprinted without permission Oh my God but we are one terrified nation. Fear is in. Fear is the new black. Spritz it on your face and neck, walk around the world all quivering and tremulous, waiting to be crushed by some dark massive throbbing wall of evil at any moment. Fear is everywhere. Classrooms, water coolers, truck commercials. Fear is our government’s raison d’etre, the calling card of the GOP. It will be the prime motivator in this year’s presidential election, as Karl Rove will command that Dubya beat the drum of fear loud and hard and nonstop, smirking […]

Nov 242003

I am getting ready to visit my Sister, BIL, and new nephew, and thought I would check out the security restrictions on what stuff, I can and cannot have in my carry on luggage – as I do crochet and would like to be able to do it on the airplane. So while reading through the guidelines on the TSA site (I can bring crochet needles FYI) I found this sentence: Think carefully about the personal items you place in your carry-on baggage. The screeners may have to open your bag and examine its contents. I just wonder about some […]