Dreamwidth Invite Codes

I know Livejournal's current troubles have very little to do with LJ, and mostly have to do with outside putzes.  But in case this makes you think more than once about your blogging/social media platform, or maybe just makes you want to have a place to fall back to, or backup your LJ to. Here are some Dreamwidth Invite codes:

LJ doofuses = DreamWidth codes

So I know some folks are a bit frustrated with LJ's continued attempts to violate your privacy. I am not personally having a huge issue this time, but I totally understand why folk are upset - but once again I will offer Dream Width codes for anyone who is interested:


Please let me know if you use one so I can mark it for other folk's reference

Welcome Jill!!

I haven't been able to boast of a friend joining LJ in a long while - but here back from a long hiatus with another name is . Run over and give her a nice welcome . . .

Hypertufa planning . . .

I realized that I posted this on Saturday - not the best time to get responses so - I am sorry for posting it again for all of you who do read your lj on the weekends. Originally posted at on my personal blog here: Hypertufa Planters Again Yes Still Trying

The last date I could get the most of folks to agree on, got lost in the winter that wouldn’t end. So I am trying again - if you are interested in making Hypertufa Planters, please follow this link and then click on any of the times that might be good for you, put in your name and hit send.

Again this is the link to When is Good:



Graham Leathers Concert April 26th

Originally published at my website. You can comment here or there.

Who: Graham Leathers
When: Saturday April 26th
: A House Concert then an open Song Circle
More When: Concerts usually start around 7, I would show up *early* to get seats and snacks. Show up 6:30ish or earlier. If you show up later please use the side door by the driveway. If you are bringing instruments for the music circle PLEASE try to come early for the ease of instrument storage.
Where: Evan and My house  . . . for more specifics and location and facilities Click Here
RSVP - YES please!!!! Bring your friends, as well, just RSVP for both you and them. . . (that way I can try to have enough chairs setup and also food enough for everyone)

Once the concert is over, we will convert the living room into a song circle. Please bring yourself, your instruments, your voice, and your willingness to participate! As usual Evan and i will provide snacks and soda and water, but potluck items are always welcome. Please RSVP here or to lj @ alyse.org - you can also use that address to request more information, address and travel information. To learn more about music events at our house click here

Graham Leathers is a battle hardened veteran of the stage and airwaves.  A singer/songwriter, actor, juggler, and musician only scratch the surface of this talented performer.  He began playing music in earnest at seventeen when he learned three chords and jammed in the basement with his brother on bass.  Since then, he has performed all across Canada and in the United States.  He toured with his brother Gordon in the Western Canadian Fringe Festivals and performed for CBC Radio on  local, regional and national showcases.  His songs range from the sublime to the ridiculous about living on the Canadian Prairies to the futility of losing your temper over a malfunctioning dryer.  Born and raised in Western  Canada, Graham now resides in Minneapolis where he writes, records and travels where ever there is an appreciative audience waiting to smile, tap their toes, and sing along for fun, and he might even make you think a little.  Most of all, he just wants to help you enjoy yourself.


You can find samples of Graham’s Music and his CD for Sale on his CD Baby Page.  (but if you are coming to the concert you might as well buy it from him)


Look forward to seeing you!!