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Sad computer is Sad … but ..

So my home laptop twitched and went *poof* last night and Dell is sending nice men with screwdrivers and parts to fix it some time tomorrow afternoon. I was getting ready to post a  ... so call because I won't have quite the access I usually would. But..

Between my phone and my work computer I think I am basically covered ... and i don't think YOU all need to worry about my lack of fan-fiction for 24 hours.

Looking around you house

I had a funny realization after the mattress delivery guys left yesterday.

I looked around my house and realized that there are things I live with everyday, that i don't think about, and sometimes don't even really look at or see, that having a stranger, especially one who isn't somehow attached to my social network might see and at minimum think is odd.

I don't really mean the dragon statues, or the massive stacks of books and dvds, the room full of yarn or the 5 computers . . .

Well for example we have a piece of art we got at a con a few years ago, its a really nice print of a forest god... in ALL his glory.  It isn't quite all "hanging out", but once you see his bits, they become unmissable. But honestly when we bought it we didn't notice until we were taking it out to the parking lot, and I walk past it everyday now and forget that I have a naked man on the wall. Honestly I wouldn't have thought about it yesterday, except that I noticed that the delivery guys had taken it down from the wall to get the mattress up the stairs safely. Which meant they probably had to look at it . . .

Think about your house, do you have anything like that?

A more real holiday review

Like usual for Evan and I the holiday was a marathon. The season, as always, kicked off with my mom's birthday on the 24th. Family dinner, holiday and b-day presents and the happy mayhem you get with 7 adults and 2 munchkins. Xmas morning Erin and I do the potato latke tango, frying up 20lbs or so of crunchy potato goodness. Then its shower off the grease and spend the day catching up with a pile of family, eating a pile of lox and bagels (and of course latkes), and finally heading home and collapsing into a coma. Friday I wake up happy to be in my own bed. This year though Evan and I havew added boxing day to the marathon. We invited over all of Evan's father's family as well as my parents, David and Erin, the kids and my grandfather. In total about 20 people. So Evan and I had a busy day cooking and cleaning. Having everone over was great and I hope we can do it again in the future. But boy were we tired, and saturday we just crashed and laid on the couch for most of the day, when we weren't napping. Sunday we went to my mom's and played games and had a greart time. Phew! Now its just new years stuff, and then I get to relax and make soup.

Its time for the Craft Circle with the Really Long Name

Originally posted at Which-Crafts

Its that time again!

Craft day is this Saturday - May 24, 2008.
Time: 1pm till ya’all go home
Place: My living room - if you need instructions please email me at web at alyse daht org
What to bring: Yourself, your brain and mouth (we like to talk), your craft project, your sense of humor . . . All people and craft projects are welcome (invite a friend!) - scrapbooking, knitting, crocheting, beading, origami, programming, cross-stitching, spinning, furniture re-finishing etc. We’ve seen it all! If your project requires a table, let me know, and I’ll have one setup for you.
What to bring take 2: A food item to share, craft day is also a bit of a potluck
What I provide: A Pet free, but not dust free environment, many chairs and couches to sit upon and generally good compay. I’ll have fresh bread (home-made) and probably cheese and a few other things. I provide water and a random assortment of soda for drinking. There is also generally someone who can help with knitting and crocheting projects.

If you hang around for dinner, we’ll probably order in.

Please come, and bring your friends, just RSVP to let me know how many to expect!

More information on my house and events at my house, and directions available at my home page.