OMG I have Pop Rocks in my Head

After most of a week of getting shitty sleep I woke up this morning at 1am and couldn't get back to sleep because my Brain had the spinnies ... So I got up and wrote down all my active projects, maybe putting them on paper will help tomorrow night's sleep. For the curious they are below the cut tag.  There are only 50 or so on the list.

Bill quick - ordering this week for discount?
Big Time
CRM Software
USB Duplicator
Project Management Classes
Unity/Archion Upgrade
SBS Alerts
Tuesday update email
Office 2010 email
Windows update email
Mail server/Trend Issues
Help Desk
Order Hard Drives for Production
Hard Drives for Whit
Cyberguys order
Call Dermatologist
Complete phone extension list
Dell Warranty
New phones
MN account
Questions for M5 support
Audit Inventory system
Check out process
Cs5 roll out
Problems with
Linux Server
Bug Tracking Software
Active Collab problems
Drive Space
Off-site San
CD Catalog Software
Log Me In Audit setup
Bernie Laptop Setup
Calendar Sharing Document
Scenarist update -
Dan's Flash drive info
Email Report to staff on Bug Tracking and version tracking software
Media Mover
Blue.Brella Backups
Order Blue Rays
Sort and Organzie Data on "z"
Pull Avid file list
Install Folder Match on Patti's Machine
"Roll Out " new pm machine
Backup/Move data from old PM Machine
Create Traffic Folder - Who gets rights
Old Employee Account options
SonicWall update/Reg
Review Niki's computer before sending
MN Listserv
IT - Hire and Exit list

This doesn't include smaller troubleshooting issues, some tasks that I hope to give to my IT staffer and whatever shiny new thing will come up today ... No wonder I feel like there are explosions going off in my head. Long and sort of it is - I am falling off the planet socially because I don't have time and cycles to reach out - soon i will have more staff and hopefully things will improve.