Lets have some fun around here!

I haven't had a Craft day or a House Sing/House Filk in what feels like forever! Instead of just declaring a day and going for it, I thought I would see if I could find out when you all would be interested in coming. (I suppose IF you are interested in coming)


If you are interested in a music thing/House Sing/House Filk - http://whenisgood.net/8ynx82i

If you are interested in a craft day - http://whenisgood.net/tyyrm94

If you follow the link it will take you to a page where you can fill out what times are good for you. If we can get enough people interested at the same times. Then Whoop! We'll have a *thing*.

Musecon 0

So there is this new con ... some of you may have heard of it. It is called MuseCon, billed a  "A new convention in northeastern Illinois celebrating music and the hands-on arts".  I think these folks have a really cool idea for a con and this year is its inaugural year - its beta test so to speak.  They have a bunch of cool things scheduled,  there is a robust Filk schedule and their programming page lists,Knitting, Crochet/Amigurumi, Beginning soldering, Blinkies, Polymer Clay, Photoshop, Papercraft, and Photography. (and I am pretty sure that isn't the full list of programs happening)

In any case i think it sounds like it is going to be a really interesting con and reg and hotel blocks will close soon, so I thought I would give it a bit of boost and let folks who hadn't heard about it in on the coolness. ;)


Over at 's journal there is a discussion about giving concerts at Filk Conventions, I know that there is at least one person who reads my journal who might not read hers, that would find this interesting - so here is the link.

Riverfolk Coming Soon to a Living Room Near You!

Who: Riverfolk - Becca & Chas, and possibly others When: Saturday May 12th More When: Concerts usually start around 7, I would show up *early* to get seats and snacks. Show up 6:30ish or earlier. If you show up later please use the side door by the driveway. If you are bringing instruments for the music circle PLEASE try to come early for the ease of instrument storage. Where: Evan and My house  . . . for more specifics and location and facilities Click Here RSVP - YES please!!!! Bring your friends, as well, just RSVP for both you and them. . . (that way I can try to have enough chairs setup and also food enough for everyone)

Once the concert is over, we will convert the living room into a song circle. Please bring yourself, your instruments, your voice, and your willingness to participate! As usual Evan and i will provide snacks and soda and water, but potluck items are always welcome. Please RSVP here or to lj @ alyse.org - you can also use that address to request more information, address and travel information. To learn more about music events at our house click here

Riverfolk is a fabulous folk group from Minneapolis, they are well known in their folk community and well loved in the filk community. Last time they filled our house to the rafters with both folkies and filkers, and the song circle lasted until the wee hours. From their website: "We play a mix of folk flavored tunes old and new. This includes songs that are familiar, songs that are less than familiar and originals. We bring in a little blues, country and even a couple of showtunes. We have a lot of fun playing together and this seems to be contagious at our shows. Our audiences have a good time as well."