A more real holiday review

Like usual for Evan and I the holiday was a marathon. The season, as always, kicked off with my mom's birthday on the 24th. Family dinner, holiday and b-day presents and the happy mayhem you get with 7 adults and 2 munchkins. Xmas morning Erin and I do the potato latke tango, frying up 20lbs or so of crunchy potato goodness. Then its shower off the grease and spend the day catching up with a pile of family, eating a pile of lox and bagels (and of course latkes), and finally heading home and collapsing into a coma. Friday I wake up happy to be in my own bed. This year though Evan and I havew added boxing day to the marathon. We invited over all of Evan's father's family as well as my parents, David and Erin, the kids and my grandfather. In total about 20 people. So Evan and I had a busy day cooking and cleaning. Having everone over was great and I hope we can do it again in the future. But boy were we tired, and saturday we just crashed and laid on the couch for most of the day, when we weren't napping. Sunday we went to my mom's and played games and had a greart time. Phew! Now its just new years stuff, and then I get to relax and make soup.

Alyse’s Birthday Garden Growing Gathering!

In the Tradition of my past strange birthday outings. This year I would like to not go out very far. Just as far as my backyard. You see the present that I really want this year is raised garden beds for my backyard. But sadly neither Evan or I are overly handy and it is kind of a big job for just two people. So what I really need is some help from my friends! Evan and I will provide all the materials, the plans, snacks and drinks, and hopefully with a little help from your garages and basements, all of the tools needed. What I need from you is a little of your time and energy. The plan: People arrive and help Alyse and Evan build the beds in the backyard. Once we are all pooped or the beds are done, there are showers and towels for everyone, then dinner and desert and then hanging around and just having fun until its time to go to sleep. Tools needed: circular Saw Handsaw A Few Shovels Trenching Shovel A Few Hoes Framing Square 4 foot Level Power drills Sledgehammer Extended 1/2 inch spade bits for drill Speed Square Caulking Gun Hacksaw Any tools that people can't help us locate, we'll find other ways to provide. When will this happen? August 31st (Sunday of labor day weekend) starting 11:00am Please go to the evite at: http://www.evite.com/app/publicUrl/IWFODMJATQFCATLIVFMJ/AlysesBirthday to RSVP Thanks! Hope you can come!

Whoosh! Life moves at speed

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Its amazing how a little plan change really can shake things up.

To start this out, some of you may know that Erin and David (DS, and BIL) and nephew Rowan, are moving much closer to us v.v.soon now. It is less likely that you know that Erin is pregnant with “The Player to Be Named Later”.

We originally had plans to go out and visit them all for Erin’s Birthday mid April. But then David got a job, and they bought a house, and David’s job starts in Champaign before mid April. So after a lot of uncertainty and backing and forthing we changed our visiting plans. We leave Thursday at the ass crack of dawn and fly to Seattle. On Friday I will help supervise the loading of the moving truck. Friday evening we all will pack up David and Erin’s two Priuses (how do you pluralize that?) with their immediate needs and caravan back to the Chicago area.

And why am I posting about all this bit on the knitting blog? Well . . .

1. 4-5 days sitting on my ass in the car means a LOT of knitting can get done, I had to plan a project accordingly.
2. I had to push up my due date on the big ass felted Knitting Purse so that I could have it done BEFORE I got on the airplane. With only 2 bags allowed on the plane maximizing bag efficiency was important. I need to bring my laptop in its bag, so I needed to consolidate my knitting and purse into 1 bag. Which isn’t to say that I haven’t been planning on doing the Knitting/Purse combo deal for its own sake, its just that the travel date accelerated things a bit.

I did finish the bag last night and (YEA!) have a loaner camera so a post will be immediately following with pictures and details. Which now means that I have the space to bring all the knitting stuff I need for the trip. ‘Cause I decided to get an early start on the new baby’s blanket. I think I will bring a sock along for the airport and flight, but I’ll knit the baby blanket on the car trip.

Plans change in a Blink! AKA look at how much knitting I can get done ;)

AKA See! the world punishes me when I plan ahead Back In the misty reaches of time (oh, around about Xmas last year) Evan and I realized that we had the extra dosh to go to Seattle. We thought about it, looked at our calendars, and decided that sneaking to Seattle for Erin's birthday would be cool. It would be a surprise, it would be a bit of vacation and best of all tickets were cheap! I hopped right out and bought tickets. We can see where this is going right? Now David and Erin are moving (you knew that right?) By the time Erin's birthday is upon us, they won't BE in seattle to be visited. So now in a whirlwind the plans have been changed. We fly out, supervise the truck being loaded, and then take off and caravan with David, Erin and Rowan to drive their two cars back here. I am figuring 4-5 days on the road 8-10 or so hours on the road a day (its a 30 hr drive theoretically from Seattle to Chicago. That is a lot of music, a lot of chatting, and a LOT of knitting ;)