Beginning project list - Photo album all of the photos 2-3 week job Keep house basically clean forever job cook more often organize books upstairs and down 2 week job move book shelf downstairs 1 week get other bookshelf out of dining room 1 week clean attic 3-4 week job


I was having this thought this morning - kinda random, I was thinking about this study I heard where in societies where the people became "adults" at early teen ages, there wasn't as much conflict for the "teen" years. That the teenager concept is sort of artificial and a construct of trying to limit the labor force or something. - Anyway - I was thinking about the different images that kids get on screen (mostly movies). I was contemplating that when I go to the movies now some of the "heart throbs" are younger than me. And I was wondering at the fact that we ask teenagers to play adults and adults to play teenagers, and how that might unconsciously affect how we are telling teenagers they can and should behave. Showing them that it is okay to fall in love - for what appears forever - even though the movie is over. (maybe there should be a required watching of Into the Woods ;-) ) Even though to some extent we encourage kids to get married later and take responsibility later then (what seems to me) ever before.