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I totally get his point.

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Rick Santorum and the Anti Kitten-Burning Coalition
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  1. +Jen Doyle Me too. It explains why "Pro-Life" groups act as if there are women out there who are going out and having sex for the sole purpose of getting pregnant so they can have abortions, for instance. I can't think of a single woman that I know who's had an abortion for whom it was a simple and consequence-free decision. But "Pro-Lifers" act like an abortion is something that some women do as a regular thing every Saturday morning, after their Friday night orgy, and I've never understood how they justified their stance before reading this.

  2. YES. It also explains the weirdo in Oklahoma who wanted to pass a law against adding fetuses to food. I was (and still am) completely boggled by the mental mechanism that fosters that.

  3. Right! It's like they know their arguments won't carry if they don't have some big monster to point at to make people fear, so they make something up, to give their argument more "truth".

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