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Accutane For Sale, Some really good points in the article about how objectification of women and their parts (booooobies!!!!) and concepts about women owning their own bodies, really affects how some people want to allow women to get health care.

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This was about values, not money
by Amanda Marcotte
Komen has fallen to their knees and begged for mercy, and Planned Parenthood is doing a victory lap. So am I: I wrote a piece for The Guardian about what Planned Parenthood did right, Accutane schedule, Discount Accutane, and what it will take to replicate their success in the future. But not so fast!, Accutane from canadian pharmacy, Accutane class, say some on the left. If you read Komen's statement, Accutane pharmacy, Accutane treatment, it's clear that they're just retreating for now and will probably kill off the $700,000 in grants to Planned Parenthood in the near future, real brand Accutane online, Purchase Accutane online, when they create a ...

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  1. I didn't know about abstinence educators comparing women who had had sex with lollipops that had been licked or toothbrushes that had already been used. Way to completely objectify women! I'm assuming a similar comparison was not made of sexually active men?

  2. Actually, in some circles the comparison applies to men too. It started cropping up in the charismatic Christian movement in the late 80's that if women should be virgins when they married, men should too. They're just less vocal about it in the mainstream press. I know a Christian rock singer who wrote a song touting his intent to remain a virgin until he got married. He performed it for the last time at his wedding reception. All in all, his wife was actually a bit smug while he was singing it too.

  3. I'm fine with the thought that one might want to save procreational sex for marriage. After all, while raising kids CAN be done by a single parent (and done well), it's generally much easier with TWO parents (even if only because it means that they can take turns sleeping when the kid has colic). As I tell the girls: before you decide to have sex with someone, try to remember that contraceptives can fail: just in case they do: pick someone who won't turn his back on you because you're pregnant, and won't abandon his child.
    However, the double standard generally at play sucks. If you're abstaining to be sure you don't get STDs or unwanted pregnancies, that Abstinence focus only works if it applies to BOTH sexes. Of course, one could say that abstinence education is a secret plot to increase the number of actively homosexual males around: after all, if the women are all abstaining, but the men don't have to — they'll be having sex with each other — right?

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