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This is a pretty cool idea about how some evolution might have worked.

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Bonobos: the self-domesticated ape?
Flexeril For Sale, The two apes above might look very similar to the untrained eye, but they belong to two very different species. The one on the right is a bonobo; the one on the left is a chimpanzee, buy Flexeril without a prescription. Flexeril long term, They are very closely related but the bonobo is slimmer, with a smaller skull, Flexeril recreational, Flexeril photos, shorter canines and tufts of lighter fur. There are psychological differences too, real brand Flexeril online. My Flexeril experience, Bonobos spend more time having sex, and playing with one another, buy Flexeril online no prescription. Buy no prescription Flexeril online, They’re less sensitive to stress. They’re more sensitive to social cues, Flexeril coupon. No prescription Flexeril online, And they are ...

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