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Why is U.S Senator Kay Hagan trying to eliminate OT for IT workers?
Biaxin For Sale, The Senator, a Democrat from North Carolina, introduced legislation in October that would amend the Fair Labor Standards Act to place most information technology employees in a category that is exempt from receiving overtime. Why?

I wish I had a decent, Biaxin photos, Biaxin from canada, rational answer to the “why”, because I cannot figure out how this 1) helps the economy, Biaxin for sale, Biaxin trusted pharmacy reviews, or 2) helps working professionals in the IT field. Here is the bill:
1st Session
S, purchase Biaxin for sale. About Biaxin, 1747
To amend the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 to ...

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  1. As I understand it, this isn't actually exempt from being paid one's hourly rate, but rather exempt from time and a half for overtime. At least that's how it works in Illinois. If an employer requires or allows an hourly employee to work, they're required to pay them their hourly rate for all hours worked.

    1. What, the server farm people don’t want to pay overtime? So nationally we should screw a whole division of workers? *SIGH* Thanks for the heads up though, I had no clue!

      1. Yeah, the *workers* definitely want overtime. Last I looked though, Senators weren’t in the back pockets of the proletariat…. :/

        And yes, nationwide- because, “It’s good for business and will generate good quality jobs.” *snort*

        I think it’s all bs, frankly. Simply because basic IT workers are more and more in demand to support online services- the Powers That Be are trying harder and harder to pay them like traditional service employees (hotel house maids, restaurant serving staff, etc).

        1. Well if they’d *LIKE* to get the kind of service they get at a fast food restaurant … but it seems to me that might not be optimal.

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