This Weeks’s Linky Things are Linky

Here is some stuff I read that I thought was interesting:

  • December 23rd - The Fear of Self - What men understand all to well is precisely how heterosexual men generally look at women. As disturbing as that reality might be, there tends to be some variation and range. The worst of that range knows how he can survey a whole swath of a gender and see nothing more than sentient, but soul-less, walking meat. A man of that particular stamp fears his own gaze.
  • December 22nd - Did anyone notice that “fiber” and “fascism” both start with an “F”? - It’s absolutely fascinating the way a lot of culture war politics are constructed around this model where conservatives see themselves as children who have to be prodded into doing things adults do just as a matter of course because it’s the right thing to do---everything from paying your taxes to eating green stuff---but then think they’re wearing big boy pants because they can actually make real trouble for their imaginary mommies.
  • December 22nd - Oh, that’s right: liberals can’t rape - Well, sometimes people really want to save the planet or do something good and they think certain individuals lack the right to deny them sex. People are complicated like that.
  • December 21st - An Interview With the Nativity Innkeeper - Do you know what a manger is? - As far as I know, it’s the place you put infant messiahs.
  • December 21st - No Excuses - Even at this late hour, the work of the Citizens Council is easily understood--standing athwart the most honorable strain of American History and yelling, "Do you want them marrying your daughters?"
  • December 21st - Minimizing historical injustices -
  • December 20th - John McCain thinks all liberals went to Harvard - "Indeed, I’m thinking about 99% of what being a conservative is about right now is a combination of insecure masculinity issues and punishing liberals for thinking they’re so smart. So much so that huge chunks of this country basically waste time and money or hurt themselves doing things that liberals don’t actually care about in order to piss us off (voting for Bristol Palin on “Dancing With The Stars” comes to mind, as does slurping down tons of fatty food that will eventually kill you to prove a point to people who actually wouldn’t know the difference if you switched to whole grains). "
  • December 16th - Shine on, crazy Wikileaks leaks -