Linky things February 12th through February 16th

Here is some stuff I have been reading that I thought folks might like:

  • February 16th - Story Time - Re-tweeting ;) - this is just so full of awesome . . .
  • February 16th - Seasons of Lace - You all Rock! - I am just sharing this - cause its something that I do and something that was done for me - and mostly happens away from this blog and friends list.
  • February 16th - If you don’t like a catch-22, you shouldn’t go around being female - "then all of a sudden people start acting like going out with men and allowing yourself to be alone with them---and god forbid, floating the possibility of having sex with them!---is outrageous behavior and anyone who engages in it should expect nothing short of being raped and possibly beaten severely. "
    I start to wonder - why "She was asking for it" Means he isn't guilty of it? Even if she was (whatever the fuck that would be) - he shouldn't of done it.
  • February 16th - Breathe through your belly - "I suspect this has more to do with showing off our tits and looking like we have cute little tiny waists, because what’s a life free of anxiety if men think you are unsightly, right? (That would be sarcasm, yes.) ... Anyone care to argue that society’s pressure on girls to look a certain way does not constitute malicious disregard for our health and well-being? "
  • February 16th - The Pernicious Influence Of Lefty Blogs -" 'We literally have no agenda,' Bayh shot back. 'How can they be threatened by a group that has taken no policy positions?'  I think Bayh thought this was a defense--but speaking for myself, and I think a lot of progressives, it's actually the problem."
  • February 16th - TSA forces travelling policeman to remove his disabled four-year-old son's leg-braces - You have to be freaking kidding me - and this made us safer how?
  • February 16th - All are responsible - Making such an explicit, preemptive distinction between guilt and responsibility may be necessary in part due to an ambiguity of language. The question "Who is responsible?" can mean many things, among them, "Who is to blame?" Talk of responsibility is thus frustratingly likely to prompt the denial of blame which, in turn, becomes a denial of responsibility which, further, becomes itself a kind of blameworthy irresponsibility.
  • February 16th - Pop Life and Race Matters - Big Questions - which are really the big ones?
  • February 12th - I felt I needed to repost this - Coin Toss . . .