Linky things February 1st through February 8th

Here is some stuff I have been reading that I thought folks might like:

  • February 8th - Thoughts on the Misogyny Bowl in advertising (versus a truly uplifting game) - "The way for a man to regain his balls/spine, suggested the ad, was to get a Flo TV so that he could passively-aggressively watch his game while pointedly ignoring his wife on their outing while technically obeying her overbearing feminine demands he’s powerless to resist openly."
  • February 8th - Polydora - I saw a thing on a blog the other day saying that poly was becoming more main stream - I guess this is just one example.
  • February 4th - The real cost of Coke - Nothing like pointless markup. "They said: “if customers want smaller portions they ought to be willing to pay for them.” Oh."
  • February 3rd - Enough is Enough - a very mature PBTH! to you
  • February 3rd - “Playback.” - I don't watch this show, but I thought the commentary was really relevant for ANY of the reality dance shows, and I thought the dance clip was really good.
  • February 1st - Tank girl …You’re my only hope - This is one of the few "bad" movies that I really enjoy - I'll watch it any time it is on cable. Nice to see I am not the only one who loves it.