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So there is the meme thingie from Grumperina going around, and after reading a few other folks’ version I decided to take a crack at it myself. (I know I rarely do these meme things anymore - but this one actually had real content instead of taking a test some random crackpot dreamed up)

10 Knitterly Things you didn’t know about me:

1. I knit very loosely, and generally make gauge (if I ever do) with needles much smaller than what is called for. I used to knit very tightly. Once I learned to loosen up, I can’t seem to go back. The change happened when I learned to knit continental.  This generally puts me off any project where gauge is really important or not fairly flexible.  This has directly contributed to number 9. (But hey it ROCKS! for felting/fulling)
2. I knit both English and Continental. I taught myself continental on a whim and liked it quite a bit - and so did my over stressed hands. I still purl in some strange, “I invented it myself” method using my thumb - I have never seen anyone else do it like I do.

3. Like in everything else I have knitting ADD and usually have at least 3-4 projects on the needles at any one time.

4. I am a huge fiber snob, and rarely knit with anything not wool. I would rather knit less or judiciously with yarn I like, than spend any of my precious time knitting with yarn I don’t like.
5. I have an unfortunate habit of losing or giving away the things I have knit - so even though I knit a fair amount, I have very little to actually show for it.

6. I lust after knitted finished projects that I really don’t want to knit, and/or would look terrible on me. I rarely want to knit the ones that would flatter me.

7. I love it when people stare, and ask questions when I knit or spin in public. Spinning gets the weirdest questions and looks, but the comments about knitting baffle me the most. I just don’t understand “I could never do that”, “I wish I knew how to do that (with the implication that they have never tried)”, From men “I wish my wife/gf/etc would do that”.

8. I have been the grateful recipent of lots of hand-me-down yarn. I got a huge stash of very old wool from my Grandmother, and a friend of mine who gave up weaving gifted me with her remaining stash of mostly handspunish fibers. I am trying to figure out projects to do the yarns justice either in an heirloom sense or just cause they are such damn nice yarns.

9. I’ve never knit a sweater, or any object that really had to fit (except socks, and they didn’t fit).  They scare the bejeesus out of me.  Between having a generous shape with an exceedinly large rack (thus making flattering patterns hard to come by), and my various fears about messing up that much yarn and time through I have been very gun shy.  I tried one last year, the combination of my gauge problems and the pattern made it so that there was no way to fit in all of the short-rows the way the pattern called for them—I stumbled, and never recovered.  I have picked a new pattern from Big Girl Knits and have picked the yarn and hope to get started after my fall sock marathon.  I hope to be more succesfull this time.

10. I knit in the movie theater. I don’t go to the movies *that* often.  But generally these days I take knitting with me when I go.  I found that with the judicious placement of stitch markers and a simple pattern I do just fine.  Most of my theater knitting is done in the round for fulling, but have also knit mitered squares.

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  1. did you know someone’s made knitting needles with lights in them for knitting on road trips and or in the movie theaters?

  2. yeah I have seen them, they are pretty cool – I am not sure I would use them (or need to) I do pretty well without the lights. Also the lighted needles are made of plastic (IIRC) and really dislike plastic needles.

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